As the Industry Transforms, Paper and Packaging Recruiting Experts Have Advice for Job Seekers

Working with an experienced Packaging Recruiter is one sure way for a professional to find a rewarding new position. Flexible Packaging jobs and careers of many different kinds are now available to those with the right qualifications. A look at some of the types of skills that paper and packaging recruiters and employers most often seek out today could be enlightening.

A Rapidly Evolving Industry Still Grounded in Its Long, Productive History

Like many industries, the paper and packaging field is still being transformed by the forces of technology and globalization. At the same time, paper and packaging remains in other respects a notably traditional industry where longtime experience is still valued. The most successful and desirable candidates for paper and packaging positions today often possess skills in areas including:

On-demand production and integrated logistics. The large inventories and long-term contracts of the past have in many cases given way to much more agile approaches to doing business. Paper and packaging companies will often be expected to ramp up at a moment's notice to meet the demands of clients. Being able to not only raise production levels quickly but also participate in getting that output to the right places has become an increasingly important skill. Simply being able to coordinate effectively with a modern logistics partner can be a valuable skill to have.

Technology. A modern paper or packaging production facility will almost always be stocked with many different types of high-tech equipment. Even if the basic, underlying processes resemble those that were used years ago, technology has made the industry far more efficient than in the past. Being able to assess the likely value of particular technological opportunities and figure out how others are working out for a paper and packaging company has become more important than ever. Professionals who are comfortable with technology themselves will almost always be preferred by paper and packaging businesses over others who are not.

Recruiters are Ready to Help

There are many other types of skills in high demand across the industry. In many cases, consulting with a recruiter who is experienced with the paper and packaging industry will reveal not just new opportunities but also ways of growing productively in professional terms.


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